“With a teen daughter struggling with self-esteem and low mood, I googled teen counselling and found Jan. My daughter has always found it very hard to connect with people. Still, she quickly connected with Jan. Jan’s sharp, witty and authentic style resonated with my daughter, and she gradually felt she could be completely herself when talking to her. After a while, Jan gently suggested there may be something more than just teen angst happening with our daughter, and we decided to pursue an autism assessment, shortly after she was diagnosed with ASD. Jan has continued to support my daughter in dealing with the associated meltdowns, low mood and the usual things teen life throws at them. She has relentlessly adapted to my daughter’s needs, learning new ways of approaching her specific issues and going well above and beyond the call of duty at times. As an adult, if I could describe Jan’s style as a counsellor it would be unique, non-judgemental, genuine and proactive. From a teen’s perspective, my daughter once said, “Mum, I think Jan might have been quite rebellious at school”. Music to a teen’s ears and a fellow comrade! I would thoroughly recommend Jan.”