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It is often the case that the root cause of team negativity or underperformance can be traced back to one or two individuals who are having a hard time managing their stress.

Perhaps they’re struggling with some organisational change or a difficult work relationship, or are finding it hard to adjust after a long period of absence such as maternity or sick leave.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are available to help organisations manage employee welfare, but these come with a fairly hefty price tag and so might be a stretch too far for your HR budget. They might also lack the focused troubleshooting your organisation needs.

As a qualified Stress Management Counsellor, I regularly provide cost-effective 1-2-1 interventions for employees and leaders who need support with one or more of the following stress-related issues:

  • Executive burnout
  • Difficulties handling organisational change
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Building resilience
  • Coaching around job ownership and responsibilities
  • Conflict resolution and handling difficult transactions
  • Grievance or disciplinary action
  • Return to work after a long absence
  • Resolving ‘toxic’ relationships at work


Receiving impartial guidance from an ‘outsider’ is often the key to overcoming early symptoms of stress before they escalate, or to effecting a significant change. Sessions are bespoke, focused and results driven.

Workshop information

Session length: Block of 6 x one hour sessions

Where: In-house or off-site, depending on requirements

How much: £330

One-to-one counselling will help an employee to find out what is holding them back and give them the support they need to stand tall, take control and reach their full potential.

In just a few short sessions, I help individuals to stop feeling stuck and start taking positive action to resolve their situation.

As well as offering interventions and troubleshooting for organisations, I also offer private 1-2-1 stress counselling

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