Listen up! You say potato, I say potahto

Man shouting through megaphone - team communication

Team communication

Being able to communicate effectively is probably the most important factor in getting results, at all levels in business.

Both in our professional and personal lives, we all make the mistake of assuming words and actions mean what they appear to mean. Or, commonly, what we want them to mean.

Poor communication at work can be a cause of stress and confusion. It can lead to misunderstanding and poor performance. It can waste time. Without effective communication, your colleagues will struggle to meet their objectives and your organisation will fail to achieve its goals.

Understanding the banter

I believe passionately in promoting good, clear communication at work (and beyond). That means establishing the right policies and channels for communicating. It involves giving staff a voice and letting people be heard. It involves good old-fashioned listening skills.

Good communication skills are fundamentally skills for life. Learning how to operate effectively in a team by taking ownership for speaking up and knowing when to listen, are skills that allow individuals and teams to function effectively and perform at their best.

When teams start communicating properly a brilliant thing happens. They get results! A team that really talks is one that is full of mutual respect, operates cohesively and is self-regulating. Issues get resolved quickly and everyone gets on with their job.

I offer two group workshops that tackle team communication;

Teams that talk

More of a health check than an intervention, this practical workshop will help your team review what works and what doesn’t with their team communications. The group will collectively set goals for improvement, with each individual taking some ownership of the process

Effective Meetings

Effective meetings are a crucial element of successful business and successful communication strategy. This workshop will help your team to assess the value of management or staff meetings and find out how to guarantee that meetings are concise and constructive.

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