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Stress related absenteeism, staff turnover and poor performance come with a hefty price tag. Can your business bear the cost?

Learning to ride the waves

As a Stress Management Trainer, I often see how just one disgruntled employee can have a far reaching impact across a team or organisation. Negativity spreads easily and the result is never good – either for business or the ‘stressed out’ individual.

Of course, certain levels of stress are natural, instinctive and beneficial. At work, this can help us to prioritise or rise to a challenge. However, left unchecked, a negative response to stress can lead to a whole variety of symptoms and behaviours that aren’t helpful for the individual or those around them.

Presenteeism: Here in body but not in mind

Some obvious indicators of workplace stress are an increase in absenteeism, illness or negative behaviour. But what about the effects you can’t see?

Woody Allen once said that “80% of success in life can be attributed to simply showing up”. If only that were the case! Research indicates that there is a growing problem of employees being on the job, but not fully functioning due to unseen illness or other medical conditions. It’s known as presenteeism and it’s a costly problem. We can’t see how other people feel, but an organisation will definitely feel the effects of someone who isn’t performing at their best.

Thinking differently

Stress Management Training is about helping employees to recognise what makes them feel uncomfortable at work, to understand why they react in the way they do, and to think and behave differently.  Managing stress at work is about building resilience and creating positive relationships, at all levels.

The result? A workforce that is better equipped to handle change, to think more positively and to work more effectively as a team.

I offer group workshops and 1-2-1 support in the workplace, for organisations who are serious about managing stress at work and helping their people perform at their best.

Setting the Standard

Is your organisation adhering to the Management Standards for work-related stress? Sense check how compliant your organisation is by clicking here.

As an employer, it is your obligation to look after the health and wellbeing of your employees at work. Importantly though, by doing so you’ll also be looking after the financial health and productivity of your organisation.


“Jan is honest and open. Her friendly, informal style is often very amusing. She brings life and understanding to the negative concept of ‘stress’ and we now all know how to handle the strains we feel and communicate effectively.”
Caroline Ward
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