A fresh perspective on coping with change

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Change management for the better

Ideally, introducing any change in your organisation – at any level and for whatever reason – should be done in a fully consultative and consensual way. However, from years of experience as a training provider, I know that change management is complicated and emotive. Timescales can often be tight too. This can make it very tough for managers and teams alike, to find a positive outcome that suits everyone

Usually, change is driven through an organisation for either efficiency or profitability reasons. This means it’s typically something that employees feel is being done to them, rather than with them. The result can be resistance, stress and instability.

Ironically, this change related chaos (which often brings with it an increase in absenteeism and staff turnover) comes right at the time your organisation needs its people to be fully present and functioning at their best. Sometimes, even just a small minority of resistant people can have a hugely negative impact. Toxic thinking is contagious!

I am one of the few Change Management Consultants that specialises in addressing the human factors of change. That means, getting into the hearts and minds of your employees and providing a fresh perspective on how to cope with the process of change.

My aim? To help your organisation minimise the negative fallout of implementing a change.

The result? A leadership team that understands the emotional impact of change and can provide the right support to help their colleagues tackle change positively and flexibly.

I offer group change management workshops and 1-2-1 support in the workplace, for organisations who are serious about implementing change successfully.

Upskill your workforce

Practical and honest training that delivers real results:

  • Improve core communication skills
  • Tackle stress in the workplace
  • Overcome negativity
  • Improve performance
  • Deal with toxic team issues
  • Support organisational change
  • Build a positive and adaptable workforce

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