Time is money

Man with clock on top of his head - how to run effective meetings at work

Not another meeting!

Poor communication is a common cause of stress and unhappiness in the workplace. As is an ever increasing pressure on managers and staff to attend meeting, after meeting, after meeting…..

Experience suggests that a large part of company (or team) ineffectiveness can stem from a lack of understanding about how to run effective meetings. Regardless of whether a meeting is formal or informal, if it isn’t managed properly it can have a noticeably negative effect on team communication, cohesion and mutual support.

Effective meetings are a crucial element of successful business strategy, but more than that, they play a critical part in staff development and wellbeing too.

Workshop information

Meetings cost time and money
Getting more out of the meetings you do have, and being confident about identifying those that aren’t necessary, is the smart way of improving your communication strategy and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Workshop length: Half day

Where: On-site at your business

Who should attend: Managers, team leaders or any staff member responsible for organising and managing staff meetings. Groups of 6-12 delegates.

How much: Dependent on number of workshops needed/length of commission. View pricing here [link to fees page]

The outcome: This practical workshop will help your company assess the true value of management or staff meetings, ensuring they are only held where necessary and are time-limited, concise and constructive.

Delegates will improve their skills in:

  • Chairing
  • Defining goals
  • Setting agendas
  • Setting tasks
  • Timing, pacing
  • Understanding how and when people contribute
  • Understanding the dynamics between people – creating mutual respect

People that connect are people that get things done

With effective meetings in place, your organisation will benefit at every level