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Depending on the organisation, my range of pricing is based on length of commission as follows:

  • Commissions of less than 3 days – £595 per full day / £300 per half day
  • 4-6 days – £495 per day
  • 7+ days – £400 per day
  • 1-2-1 Management and Staff skills development or welfare support –  £85 per hour

If you have specific budget requirements or want to discuss a bespoke commission (regardless of length), then please do talk to me. My approach is very flexible and I am happy to discuss alternative ways of delivering training or support modules to suit the specific needs of your organisation.


How I Work with You

It’s my job as a Stress Consultant to help reduce stress, not add to it. That’s why my terms of service are fuss-free and straightforward. There is no jargon, just a simple set of game rules that apply to each new commission I undertake. It’s all in plain English, so we can play nicely together and get you to where you need to be.

Your brief

The first step is easy. You call or contact me and tell me what you want my help with. If you can provide me with lots of information about your business issues from the start, then I should be able
to provide you with a quote straight away. If not, we can have a chat or I’ll ping you a list of questions by email. The more information you can give me about what you need doing, why and how this fits with your business, the better.

My fees

Once I’ve got enough information about exactly what you want to achieve, I’ll give you a quote.

I have a half day and full day rate, but will usually always give you a fixed price for the work we’ve agreed. No hidden extras.

Everything I need to complete the job will be covered by the price, including any travel expenses, time for meetings and what not. The quote will be valid for one month from the date of issue, so you can think about it and talk it through with colleagues first if you need to.

The only time that the cost might change is if you change your mind part-way through the project, alter the scope of what we’re working on, or add extra bits of work. If that happens, we’ll need to ake stock and I’ll re-quote or confirm any additional fees as necessary.


As part of our initial chat, I’ll tell you my earliest possible start date and offer alternatives if this doesn’t work for you. We’ll always work together to find a suitable solution.

Getting started

If you’re happy with my quote, all you need to do is agree to it (usually by saying “I agree” or similar confirmation in an email). On all commissions, I will ask you to pay a deposit. Normally this is 50% of the total fee upfront. This is non-refundable and non-negotiable… and work won’t begin until I receive payment. If the commission value is under £500, I reserve the right to invoice 100% of this upfront.

For longer commissions we can agree some payment milestones instead.

For 1 to 1 support the full fee is payable upfront.

You can make payment by bank transfer. Account details will be issued on your invoice. Once I receive your upfront payment and the project start date has been reached, I’ll get started.

On-time payments

I ask for payment within 14 days of invoice. If I keep my end of the deal and deliver the training or consultancy that you have asked for, please keep your end of the deal by making prompt payment. It keeps the wheels turning, keeps us friends and means I don’t need to be put those nagging phone calls into your accounts department saying “Pay Me, Pay Me”.

If payment is not received within 14 days, I will send you an email reminder. If the invoice is not settled 14 days after the reminder, you will also incur a late payment surcharge of 30% of the total invoice.


You can cancel the commission at any time if you change your mind.

On commissions of less than 3 days:
If you have already paid a deposit and decide to cancel before I’ve started work, then you’ll forfeit all of the deposit, since I may have had to turn other work away in order to schedule yours.
If you cancel after work has started, then you will forfeit your whole deposit and I will invoice for 40% of the remaining fees that were due.

Payment will be due 14 days after the invoice is issued.

On all other commissions:

I work to at least 1 months’ notice.

If you decide to stop and give me 1 months’ notice, you will forfeit any deposit that you’ve paid. I will also invoice you in full for any work that was completed that month, plus 25% of any remaining fees due for the total commission. (If less than one months notice is given the same principle will apply, except that I will invoice 40% of any remaining fees due for the total commission).

Payment will be due 14 days after the invoice is issued.

Please chat to me before you cancel though. It could be that we just need to amend the scope of the project or revise the timescale so that it’s workable for you again.


Anything you tell me about your business that is commercially sensitive will be kept confidential.

So that’s it, my game rules. Nothing scary or complicated. They’re designed to make sure you get the support your business needs, when you need it. And that I get fairly paid for my time and effort.

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