It's my job to help you to help yourself

Chesham Counselling - Jan Matthews Counsellor and Coach

A ‘past, present and future’ approach to counselling

We cannot change our past, but it is my firm belief that we need to understand how the past can affect our behaviour and our reactions, including why we become stressed.  The feelings of stress, depression or anxiety that you’re experiencing right now are, without doubt, most likely linked to your early years and the way you learnt to respond to life as a child. By taking a ‘past, present and future’ approach to our discussion (known as psychodynamic counselling) I believe that, together, we can get to the root cause of your symptoms.

You might not see the point of revisiting childhood memories but trust me, without understanding why you are the way you are, then you will find it almost impossible to move forward and make a positive long-term change. It would be like trying to stick a plaster over an old wound.

Psychodynamic Counselling in Chesham

It is my job to help you help yourself, so together we will dig deep to find the root cause of your current symptoms and then crack on to tackle it properly.

There are no sticking plasters here. Just honest, pro-active and practical support that will help you find the strength and tools you need to change for the better.

I offer counselling in Chesham for adults and young people, always with the same proactive, supportive approach. I also offer relationship coaching in Chesham, to help couples overcome issues and work better as a team.

And for the workplace environment, I offer a practical approach to stress management working closely with employees and their leaders to maximise team communications and support organisational change.

My tools and techniques

My theoretical approach is Psychodynamic counselling, which in plain English means that I’ll get ‘inside your head’ to help you make sense of your behaviours, reactions and attitudes.

In practice though, I draw on a number of robust psychological theories and counselling styles to provide you with a really tailored service that best fits your needs, your stresses and your learning style.

My counselling sessions are ‘person-centred’ which means I listen in a non-judgemental way but, importantly, I’m also dedicated to helping you move forward. It’s part counselling, part coaching, which means the sessions are interactive. I will challenge and guide you so that, together, we will work it out.

Believe that you can make a positive change.

Why not give me a call and find out how?