Blowing off steam & banishing blame

Man with steam coming out of ears - stress management workshop for businesses Chesham

Employing a positive approach

Stress at work is something that affects everyone in employment. Most of the time we’re able to respond to job related stress in a controlled and appropriate way. In fact, a certain amount of positive stress at work can even help people to deliver great results or think creatively.

But what happens when positive stress builds to the point where it becomes negative stress?

  • Individual performance slows down
  • Negativity spreads through the office
  • A blame culture develops
  • Team communication breaks down and the group stops functioning effectively
  • Some people feel they have no choice but to work longer and harder to get the job done, risking burn-out, illness and absence

This Stress Management Workshop is specifically designed to help you and your employees to recognise the causes of negative stress at work, to stop blaming others for how they feel or behave, and to learn how to resolve issues positively.

It can be delivered as a standalone intervention to cover Organisational Stress issues (also complying with HSE Management Standards), or as part of any other process around change, team effectiveness or team communication.

*Note: The half day version of this workshop is a focused introduction to work-related stress and management techniques. The whole day version is more relevant where it is used as a precursor to the Teams that Talk workshop and is part of managing a real-time organisational change issue. The extra time allows for a greater degree of interaction and focus on ‘live’ issues.

Workshop information

Workshop length: A half or one day interactive workshop*

Where: On-site at your business

Who should attend: Managers, teams (including the team leader where appropriate) or staff groups of similar status. Groups of 6-12 delegates.

How much: Dependent on number of workshops needed/length of commission. View pricing here

The outcome: This positive, honest and practical workshop will provide a new perspective on stress at work and how to manage it. The session develops core workplace skills.

Delegates learn how to:

  • Identify the potential causes of stress at work, for others and for themselves
  • Break down preconceptions of stress being a weakness
  • Understand different responses to stress and why colleagues might react differently
  • Take personal responsibility for managing stress, communicating ‘wants and needs’ more effectively and making choices
  • Think and behave positively (a skill for life)
  • Eliminate blame culture
    Improve team support and mutual respect
  • Set out four basic options for dealing with stress, including;
    • Doing nothing
    • Negotiating stressful situations
    • Reacting differently
    • Moving away from the source of stress

Don't wait for negative stress to turn toxic

Take positive action today