Getting the right foundations

Building blocks - Getting the right foundation

Turning negative into positive

To help organisations like yours get the best from their people, I offer a number of carefully put together workshops that tackle the most common sources of stress at work; dealing with change, negativity and poor communication.

These workshops are designed to be run on-site at your place of work and are packaged into easily managed half-day or day long sessions that can be run independently or as part of a wider programme of change. This means you can see real results quickly.

Stress management workshop

Stress at work is something that affects everyone in employment. This workshop is designed to help you and your employees recognise the causes of negative stress at work and to learn how to resolve issues positively.

Positive change management

Your staff may be at risk from an ambivalent or negative reaction to change, such as absenteeism, unexpected staff turnover and reduced productivity. This workshop
will show you how to address the ‘human factors’ of Change Management.


Experience suggests that a large part of company (or team) ineffectiveness can stem from a lack of understanding about how to run effective meetings. This workshop will help your team to get more out of their meetings and improve their communication skills.

Teams that

Honest and open communication within a team is the key to good performance. This training module gets to the heart of team communication and gives attendees the practical tools to work more effectively together.


Receiving impartial guidance on a 1-2-1 basis from an ‘outsider’ is often the key to overcoming early symptoms of stress, or to effecting a significant change. Sessions are bespoke to each individual.

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