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Change: bring it on

Working and leading in the not-for-profit sector is tough. There’s no question about that. Change is the norm and every day can be a struggle of conflicting agendas, decreasing funds and complicated employee relationships.

Given this environment and the often emotional nature of working for a particular cause, it is vital that leaders, employees and volunteers in this sector have the skills to:

  • anticipate and embrace change without wobbling
  • handle pressure whilst staying focused on the cause
  • support and respect one another

Soft skills training & support

To improve

  • Staff resilience
  • Build an effective CEO-Chair relationship
  • Create a positive approach to change
  • Banish blame culture
  • Improve teamwork and accountability

Building resilience

It is no good waiting for a problem with teamwork or communication to present itself before investing in soft skills training. By then, the issue may be so deeply routed in your organisation that it becomes difficult to unpick and the effect can be crippling.

This is particularly the case, when a problem exists between CEO and Chair. A failing relationship at this level can have a hugely negative effect on the effectiveness of your charity as a whole.

It is vital that you and your team are resilient enough to handle the push and pull of work-life within a charity, if the organisation is to deliver to the best of it’s abilities.

That means:

  • An effective and balanced CEO – Chair relationship
  • Banishing blame culture
  • Having the tools to deal with toxic people
  • Being able to handle difficult conversations
  • Open and honest communication processes
  • Respect throughout the organisation
  • Job ownership and accountability

Soft skills training

I specialise in working with not-for-profit organisations, providing soft-skills training aimed specifically at;

a) boosting resilience
b) improving relationships at all levels
c) decreasing the causes of workplace stress

Put simply, soft skills training is about giving your people the confidence and know-how they need to work well with others and to ride the waves of change.

Prevention is better than cure, so I do a lot of work with organisations BEFORE there is ever an obvious issue with stress, negativity or blame. The result is a team of people who are better able to support each other and continue pulling in the same direction, regardless of the pressure or uncertainty they may need to navigate along the way.

I can also troubleshoot. If you already have a toxic team or a senior level relationship that just isn’t functioning properly, I can provide bespoke training specifically aimed at those individuals.

Training in Action

 “Jan’s approach is direct and investigative. She demands answers and gets to the root of any issues so they can be worked on in broad daylight”

Read about how I helped the Hammersmith and Acton Action on Disability (HAFAD) team to handle organizational change, re-establish a shared vision and start acting like a single, united team.

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