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Honest and open communication within a team is the key to good performance. The point at which people within a team feel that they can no longer speak freely, offer their opinions or feel respected is the point at which your business has a problem.

Poor communication is also a common cause of workplace stress. Left unchallenged it can lead to underperformance, blame culture, gatekeeping and a whole host of other negative behaviours that affect the individuals within the team, as well as the business as a whole.

Workshop information

Teams That Talk is a training module that gets to the heart of team communication. More of a health check than a trouble shooting intervention, it focuses on improving performance by:

  • Identifying where the team isn’t working effectively
  • Agreeing specific areas for change and setting timescales for change
  • Ensuring every team member takes ownership for building better relationships
  • Improving team cohesion
  • Building mutual support and respect
  • Introducing honest and open communicationThe recommended process:
  • Phase 1 (optional) – Through the ‘Employing a Positive Approach’ stress management workshop, employees will be introduced to the concepts of ownership, self-awareness and resolving issues proactively.
  • Phase 2 – A series of one or half day Teams that Talk workshops during which specific changes/outcomes will be agreed, and a rolling monitoring/review process is established. (The length and number of sessions will be agreed between Jan Matthews and the commissioning Manager to fit organisational needs).

Where: On-site at your business

Who should attend: Groups of delegates from the same team. Maximum of 16 attendees.

How much: Dependent on number of workshops needed/length of commission. View pricing here

The outcome: A jointly agreed set of changes for improving team effectiveness, and an accompanying set of deadlines for implementation. Each team member will take a significant degree of ownership of the process, learning how to identify potential points of stress and resolve team issues proactively.

After participating in the Teams That Talk process, the team will continue to operate on a collaborative basis, reviewing and checking that communication is at its best and that no issue is left unresolved – both within the team and with the decision makers outside it.

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