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Stethoscope - getting to the heart of stress

Stress Healthcheck: Staying on top of stress

Not sure whether stress is an issue in your organisation? Think you’ve got a happy team?

The reality is that almost every organisation has an issue with stress, somewhere within its structure. Your organisation may not have high staff turnover or sickness levels. Performance may appear to be good. But could it be better? Without undertaking a Stress Healthcheck from time to time, how would you know?

Even if you can’t spot any obvious signs of stress, sometimes ‘business as usual’ is an unhelpful cover-up for what’s really going on.

Stress Healthcheck

  • Do you think you have a happy business, but want to improve productivity even further?
  • Are you aware of a potential problem with stress or communication in your organisation, but need to understand the size of it?
  • Are you undertaking some structural change and want to reduce the risk of staff turnover or absence?

This bespoke stress audit is a quick and cost-effective way of getting to the heart of your team. It will identify where and how employees are being affected by stress and can be designed to focus on a specific real-time issue, or monitor levels of stress more generally.

The Healthcheck details:

What: Online staff survey and report of results

How much: from £250 (dependant on scope and number of employees to be included)

The outcome: This audit will get to the bottom of what’s happening on the ground and give you the information you need to look after your people.

This workplace stress healthcheck is an ideal starting point for organisations who want to kick-off a more comprehensive programme of stress-management training, or need bespoke support with managing a failing relationship at senior level, a ‘toxic team’, organisational change or poor communication.

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