“Jan’s approach is direct and investigative. She demands answers and gets to the root of any issues so they can be worked on in broad daylight. All stones are turned over until the job is done. Jan is a skilled facilitator. Her style makes you sit up and listen”

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Amanda Thomas, Team Manager, HAFAD

“Jan had to overcome a number of challenges, including limited budget, complicated working rosters, inconsistent staff contracts, conflicting aspirations and my own unpredictable focus and availability.

She is incredibly perceptive and deeply empathetic. She also has the assertiveness needed to coach us through the planning and delivery of substantial improvements to our management styles and processes. We are now a happier and more cohesive team with great potential for growth. Working with Jan has been a valuable learning experience and a great pleasure.”

Joanna Hill, The Bagnell Centre

“Jan is honest and open. Her friendly, informal style is often very amusing. She brings life and understanding to the negative concept of ‘stress’ and we now all know how to handle the strains we feel and communicate effectively. The ability to see others not just as colleagues but also human beings has helped team working in a very powerful way”

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Caroline Ward, IMG Sports and Entertainment