“Jan was able to sense immediately how our teenager was feeling and respond appropriately. She showed such empathy and acceptance and, ultimately, made sure that our teenager felt comfortable enough to have a difficult but very honest conversation. She instilled hope into us all, helping us all navigate through the trauma.

She is simply a wonderful and charismatic counsellor. Trustworthy, a confidence with no judgement. I honestly really think she has super powers when it comes to understanding, relating and bringing about effective change to the young adults of today… We feel so lucky to have her living in ‘Bucks’.

Our teenager continues to fly thanks to Jan

This is such a wonderful thing to see and could not have been possible without Jan. She has an amazing connection with young adults, a real gift!”

Penny, parent of 16 year old

“With a teen daughter struggling with self-esteem and low mood, I googled teen counselling and found Jan. My daughter has always found it very hard to connect with people. Still, she quickly connected with Jan. Jan’s sharp, witty and authentic style resonated with my daughter, and she gradually felt she could be completely herself when talking to her. After a while, Jan gently suggested there may be something more than just teen angst happening with our daughter, and we decided to pursue an autism assessment, shortly after she was diagnosed with ASD. Jan has continued to support my daughter in dealing with the associated meltdowns, low mood and the usual things teen life throws at them. She has relentlessly adapted to my daughter’s needs, learning new ways of approaching her specific issues and going well above and beyond the call of duty at times. As an adult, if I could describe Jan’s style as a counsellor it would be unique, non-judgemental, genuine and proactive. From a teen’s perspective, my daughter once said, “Mum, I think Jan might have been quite rebellious at school”. Music to a teen’s ears and a fellow comrade! I would thoroughly recommend Jan.”

Susan, parent of 14 year old

“Jan supported me during my gap year, when I was facing relationship and family issues. Her no-nonsense but sympathetic approach built a great deal of trust. Jan very quickly understood me and provided the tools and skills to turn what could have been a terrible year, into a great and manageable one. For that I am truly grateful.”

Rory, 19 year old

“Jan has been invaluable to helping my son navigate his way through life as a teenager and school in the lead up to his A’levels and University. Her experience of working with young people enabled her to quickly engage him and work with him to manage issues and to develop strategies to help him through difficult times. She has made herself available to him at low points which has provided added reassurance to us.”

Caroline, parent of 20 year old

“Jan has really helped me with my OCD! The two and a bit years I have worked with her has transformed my life massively and now I am enjoying a much happier and healthier life. She is a wonderful, professional person who makes you feel calm, safe and listened to immediately and her sessions are insightful and fun. Thank you for everything, Jan!”

Nia, 19 year old

“Most people see therapy as an appointment that just becomes harder to attend. But Jan, she made it feel as if I were going to see that one friend who never fails to make me laugh. I felt like I was speaking to someone who truly cares about young people. Jan made me understand the feelings surrounding all the events that had unfolded. Her therapy made me more compassionate to myself.

She became my encourager, my supporter, my guide and my challenger. She would see the roadblocks ahead and encourage me to climb over them or challenge me to push them out of the way. (She did also make me do homework 😁) Thank you, Jan!”

MD, 16 year old