“I have been working with Jan for a good while and have always enjoyed her manner and style; accommodating and supportive as well as being very knowledgeable in a variety of areas. I have learned a lot about myself and how to handle the challenges I faced with confidence and assurance thanks to the support she has enabled me to achieve.”

Ian V

“I have been consulting Jan for a couple of years. She has guided me through some overwhelming family issues with understanding and patience. I cannot speak too highly of her professionalism and at the same time has a great sense of humour to lighten the load. Thank you Jan and not forgetting Woody – the sweetest of gentle dogs.”


“I wholeheartedly recommend counselling with Jan. She has a warm and friendly disposition making it so easy to talk and ‘open up’ – something I think we often worry about not being able to do.
She has the gift of finding and helping one concentrate on a positive that will come out of the negative situation one finds oneself in – thus instilling confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Last, but by no means least, (laughter being the best medicine), Jan has a wonderful sense of humour and laughter is an ingredient she brings often to conversations. One always leaves feeling more positive, lighter and brighter after speaking with her. I am so grateful she was recommended to me.”


“Jan delivers a wealth of knowledge in a very pragmatic, sensitive and acutely aware way”

Vanessa, Great Missenden

“Jan was able to sense immediately how our teenager was feeling and respond appropriately. She showed such empathy and acceptance and, ultimately, made sure that our teenager felt comfortable enough to have a difficult but very honest conversation. She instilled hope into us all, helping us all navigate through the trauma.

She is simply a wonderful and charismatic counsellor. Trustworthy, a confidence with no judgement. I honestly really think she has super powers when it comes to understanding, relating and bringing about effective change to the young adults of today… We feel so lucky to have her living in ‘Bucks’.

Our teenager continues to fly thanks to Jan

This is such a wonderful thing to see and could not have been possible without Jan. She has an amazing connection with young adults, a real gift!”

Penny, parent of 16 year old

“Counselling is a way of getting help before you reach crisis point”

SR, Amersham

“Jan’s tough approach enabled me to dig deep and explore aspects I’d never considered before”

Ray, Hemel Hempstead

“Jan’s approach is direct and investigative. She demands answers and gets to the root of any issues so they can be worked on in broad daylight. All stones are turned over until the job is done. Jan is a skilled facilitator. Her style makes you sit up and listen”

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Amanda Thomas, Team Manager, HAFAD

“Jan spoke, where other counsellors had been silent”

Joanna, Amersham

“Jan had to overcome a number of challenges, including limited budget, complicated working rosters, inconsistent staff contracts, conflicting aspirations and my own unpredictable focus and availability.

She is incredibly perceptive and deeply empathetic. She also has the assertiveness needed to coach us through the planning and delivery of substantial improvements to our management styles and processes. We are now a happier and more cohesive team with great potential for growth. Working with Jan has been a valuable learning experience and a great pleasure.”

Joanna Hill, The Bagnell Centre